Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

Adventures of a (Second Time) Bride-to-Be

February 8, 2011

As I began to plan, and following my own rules about prioritizing important things that I talked about last week, I decided that my MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS were, in order, my invitations, my dress, and that I would have an insane number of flowers on that day.

So, with that, first I started on invitations. I knew I didn’t want “the ordinary”, I wanted extraordinary. I have already been effusive about Laura, her team at LHC, and their work…but I’ll do it again… After looking through many websites, and finding everything but what I wanted, I finally found Laura Hooper Calligraphy and was IN LOVE! I scoured Laura’s website for photos and the web for even more (thank you, Yahoo Images!); the more I saw, the more my jaw just kept dropping.
One word: AMAZING!

As you already know, I chose Laura and her amazing team to work with and I could NOT have been more excited! Her “Lucky Orchid” invitation suite was the inspiration for my colors, fuchsia and a watermelon-coral. We began working on the map & design immediately, right after I returned from Los Angeles to Chicago. Lawrence & I decided on a Key West wedding, with both the whimsical design and the colors of the “Lucky Orchid” design being perfect for it...festive & tropical...but also conveying the tasteful, informal elegance of our anticipated wedding on a pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Since this was all back in September of last year, though, I’m now quite a bit further along in my planning than your typical new Bride to Be, even a second-timer, so we’ve been hard at work for MONTHS on my many requests.
This is the photo from Laura’s website that started it all:

There have been so many things I’ve done since then, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

So, with dreams of a wedding on a pier facing the ocean, I started booking locations, vendors, services, and all the details I mentioned last week MUST be done immediately. Having had a friend wed in the Keys a few years ago was also a timesaver for me as I used a lot of her same vendors, just a different location for the wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding and have a friend (or even an acquaintance) that has planned an event in the same locale before, beg, borrow, or steal any information you can get. My friend did a scouting trip and met with these people in person, a luxury I could not afford timewise…but I also knew her taste, style, and trusted her judgment implicitly, so I knew using her list wouldn’t be a mistake. It was planning “made easy”…at least for a while.
This very winding story gets oh-so-more-complicated as the weeks pass, but I’ll save that for a few posts down the road. Stay tuned!
Until next time…
“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
~ Aristotle

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