A Savvy Baby

Kelly of A Savvy Event emailed me over the weekend to let me know about her new endeavor, A Savvy Baby! A Savvy Baby was founded by Kelly and her sister Karyn and will feature some of their favorite finds for mom's and children, parenting tips, recipes, baby shower ideas and planning, interviews with other moms, and of course a ton of giveaways. What a wonderful idea, especially since I am now hearing that several of my past clients are having babies! Be sure to bookmark their new blog, it's sure to be a fabulous hit!


Cabo San Lucas: Save the Date Post Card

Let your guests know about your impending nuptials in style. If you are planning an out of town event, why not show them exactly what there is to do in the area. Shown here is a map of Cabo San Lucas, and it includes the famous Lover's Beach, the Arch, Water skiing, whale watching, and Baja Buggies. On the reverse is a tiny depiction of the wedding chapel and the details of the event.


Celeb Bridesmaid Series by {Ritzy Bee Events}

I am in love with the series of posts by Maria Cooke at {Ritzy Bee}! It is so wonderful how she takes celebrities in their high fashion dresses and converts the outfit into an entire wedding theme. I especially love the Reese Witherspoon selections, mainly because I love purple!

Among many things, {ritzy bee} is a blog about all things inspiring surrounding events, weddings and other special occasions. I love the fantastic details Maria puts into all her events.

Photo credits: {in no particular order, sorry!} People, Brides, Laura Hooper Calligraphy, invites & lavender Martha Stewart, flower girl & bouquet Aaron Delesie via The Bride's Cafe, Marissa Homes via The Bride's Cafe, BB Photography via The Bride's Cafe, table & food Brides, Marissa Homes via The Bride's Cafe


Always a Fan of Always a Bridesmaid

I was so pleased to see that we were covered last week by Always a Bridesmaid in their fabulous blog, Always a Blogsmaid. Owned and run by Xochitl Gonzalez and Mayra Castillo, Always a Bridesmaid is known for doing unique and untraditional weddings in the New York area. They are definitely your Go-to girls when it comes to extraordinary events. Instead of wedding planners, the girls at Always consider themselves Wedding Coaches that guide brides along the way to their weddings. They provide expertise, experience and guidance and act as an advocate to help couples realize their wedding dreams.

True to that statement, the Always a Blogsmaid wedding blog is FILLED with practical knowledge about getting married. If you send them a question, they will post that question and the answer on their blog, as many of you girls may have the same questions that need answering.

In addition, Always a Bridesmaid offers floral and decor services as well. They truly are a one-stop shop when it comes to event planning. With all that they have to offer it's no wonder they are one of the most sought-after event planning businesses in the country!


Postage Increase

Most of you probably already know that the cost of stamps is set to increase May 12, 2008. The price will increase to 42 cents. What does this mean in practical terms? For those mailing your invitations out before the rate increase, be sure you provide enough postage on your RSVP envelopes so they are not returned for non-sufficient postage to your guests. I recommend buying the Forever stamps (with the Liberty Bell on them) for this, so that regardless of the rate increase you know you are good with the postage.

For those of you sending out your invitations after May 12, 2008, get over to the post office and buy the liberty stamps now, so that you don't have to pay for the extra postage after that date. The Forever stamps are non-denominated, meaning, they are good forever {just like their name} . If you purchase them early you will never have to pay an increase in postage.

Also, it's always a good idea to take a complete set of invitations to the post office to weigh before sending out your wedding invitations, to be sure you have sufficient postage.


Calligraphy for Photo Mattes

Why not take your favorite photograph and spruce it up with an elegant touch of calligraphy? As seen here in Bickham Script, the bride and groom's monogram with their favorite bible verse at the bottom. What a classy way to enhance your fondest memories of your wedding. Mattes can be personalized with anything you like, your names, the date and location. They can even be filled up with your wedding vows or a favorite poem or lyrics to your first dance. Calligraphy on mattes starts at $25 but send me an email if you are interested in a custom quote.


Letterpress Invitation Discount Offer

This just in from Aimee O'Boyle, the owner of Creative Montage
Until May 30th (midnight CST), any customers who commit to an order and pay for the design fee portion of the invitations before the midnight deadline will receive 50% off of the custom invite fees if they order letterpress invitations from us! This is HUGE and once this deal is over, its over for good and won't be coming back. This is the first time (and the last) that Creative Montage will be offering a discount as large as this, so customers interested in letterpress invites should take advantage while it lasts!

This is a great deal for any brides out there looking for custom designed letterpress invitations for a fraction of the cost! This is ideal for mid to late summer brides and fall/winter brides {and grooms}! Ladies, this is a fabulous opportunity to get a completely custom-tailored invitation at half-the cost. For more details check out her blog post. I read it over and there is little to no fine print!

Grant-Riley Weddings

I recently became acquainted with Tiffany Grant of Grant-Riley Weddings after she contacted me via Etsy regarding calligraphy for her upcoming wedding. I soon learned that she is an event coordinator in the UK who specializes in vintage-themed weddings.

“It was after I began organising my own wedding that I had the idea of
setting up a wedding planning company specialising in vintage weddings.
Seeing the sudden surge of vintage styles advertised in bridal magazines I
realised there were plenty of suppliers offering various vintage services, but
no one bringing them all together, " Tiffany states.

She saw this as an opportunity to to establish herself in this unique niche market. One look at the breathtaking photos on her website or her blog will convince even the most discerning brides that this woman knows 1920's art deco style like the back of her hand, and she plans events reminiscent of generations past, ranging from the 1920's to the 1960's.

“Modern society seems to be tiring of the readily available, mass-produced
way of the world and we are trying to return to the past in every aspect of
life. I think the way bygone eras are portrayed shows real comfort and
romance, especially where weddings are concerned.”

She most certainly understands the personal touches that are involved in creating magical, romantic moments. Though she is in the UK, do take a moment to check out her brand new blog for multitudes of unique and inspirational ideas for your vintage-themed wedding!


I love creating logos. You might simply want a logo for your business card, such as the one I worked on above for Brandy C. Williams Paperie, or a monogram for your wedding like the one below. Either way they look great. All you have to do is choose a style, and I will write your logo out a few times. You then pick the one you like and we go from there. I offer several pricing options to make these logos and monograms easy and affordable.
This monogram was incorporated by the bride and groom into their stationery, napkins, and much more!

Here is a great shot of a monogram that was printed on cocktail napkins for the rehearsal. They look great and make a fabulous impression on your guests.

On a Personal Note

{Calligraphy in Baby Script}
Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to my readers. I didn't plan it this way but it happens to be the 2 month "anniversary" of my blog, A Lucky Orchid Wedding. I wanted to thank every one of you so much for visiting and for sending your comments, whether on the blog or personally via email. I am so flattered everyday when I read your kind words and I truly feel that starting this blog has done wonders for me as a business woman. It really opens the door to get personal with you gals {and grooms if you are reading} and it opens the door for direct dialogue that 5 years of maintaining a company website never did. In 2 very short months I have already made many new friends and gained much more wisdom.
I wanted to again say thanks to all of you who have added A Lucky Orchid Wedding to your blogrolls, and please email me so I can return the favor! And to all of you who have written about me on your own blogs or told your friends and event coordinators about my blog, I am truly thankful to have you all as readers.
To all the wedding professionals, please feel welcome to send me photos of your events and your work! A Lucky Orchid Wedding is more than a calligraphy blog, its about modern and chic wedding style. I would absolutely love nothing more than to showcase your fabulous talents here. I look forward to many more months of blogging and hearing from you all!
Very warmly, Laura Hooper


Envelope Addressing Tips

{Envelopes in Bickham Script with dropped zip codes}

Properly addressing your envelopes is such an enormous task, and for most brides, they often have no idea where to start and thus can become overwhelmed. I thought it might be helpful to include some tips on some of the most common envelope addressing situations.

There are many ways to address your envelopes appropriately based on the marital status, family status or living arrangements of your guests. Please keep in mind that these “etiquette” tips vary by the source, and only you can decide how you want to address your envelopes. For a comprehensive guide you may want to take a look at Crane's Blue Book of Stationery, Crane's Wedding Blue Book, or the latest editions of Emily Post's Etiquette and Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette.

Here are several examples to get you started:

Common Addressing Situations
Married couple formal: Outer:

Mr. and Mrs. Micah Cohen
Inner: Mr and Mrs. Cohen

Married couple informal:
Outer: Loren and Dina Nelson
Inner: Loren and Dina

Married couple formal/Children under 18 living at home:
Outer: Mr. and Mrs. Karl Carter
Inner: Mr. and Mrs. Karl Carter
Miss Zoe Carter

Married couple informal/Children under 18 living at home:
Outer: Aaron and Caycee Polun
Inner: Aaron and Caycee

Married couple, different last names:
Outer: Ms. Ariana Rothstein Fisch-Field
(and) Mr. Greggory Field
Inner: Ms. Rothstein Fisch-Field
(and) Mr. Field

Married couple, both are doctors, different last names:
Outer: Doctor Christina Yang
(and) Doctor Preston Burke
Inner: Doctor Yang
(and) Doctor Burke

Married couple, both are doctors, same last name:
Outer: Doctor Derek Sheperd
(and) Doctor Meredith Sheperd
Or: The Doctors Sheperd
Inner: The Doctors Sheperd
Married Couple, wife is a doctor (with or without different last names):
Outer: Doctor April King
(and) Mr. Arthur Flores
Inner: Doctor King
(and) Mr. Flores
**Note** It is never EVER correct to write Mr. and Dr. King if both spouses share a last name.
Married Couple, Husband is a Judge (same rules apply for the woman as above with the Doctor scenario)
Outer: The Honorable and Mrs. Edward Adams
Inner: The Honorable and Mrs. Adams
Wife is a Judge:
Outer: The Honorable Jocelyn Stone and Mr. Edward Stone
Inner: Judge Stone and Mr. Stone

Single woman, with or without guest:
Outer: Miss/Ms. Nichole Lewis
Inner: Miss/Ms. Nichole Lewis
Or Miss Lewis and Guest
or Miss Lewis Mr. Cordero

Single man:
Outer: Mr. George Eddington III
Inner: Mr. Eddington
Or Mr. Eddington and Guest
Or Mr. Eddington
(and Ms. Hooper)

Divorced woman
Outer: Mrs./Ms. Pamela Higgins
Inner: Mrs./Ms. Higgins
Outer: Mrs. Robert Louis Schreck
Inner: Mrs. Schreck
Couple living together
Outer: Ms. Diana Gelberg
Mr. Alan Dabach
Inner: Ms. Gelberg
Mr. Dabach
(List first whomever in the couple you know better, if you know both equally well, list the woman first)

Two adult males living together as a couple (alphabetically in this case, or by personal preference) Adult male roommates should each get their own invite.
Outer: Mr. Ryan Alvarez
Mr. Michael Stevens
Inner: Mr. Alvarez
Mr. Stevens

Two adult females living together as a couple(alphabetically, or by personal preference in this case) Adult female roommates should each get their own invite.

Outer: Miss/Ms. Rachel Michaelson
Miss/Ms. Marybeth Adams
Inner: Miss/Ms. Michaelson
Miss/Ms. Adams

More Addressing Tips:

Courtesy titles may be abbreviated, such as Mr., Mrs., but Doctor should be spelled out (unless they are a Ph.D.--In that case abbreviating is acceptable).

Initials should not be used for middle names. Leave them in or out. However, if a guest never uses his or her first given name, do not use it in the address. An initial is acceptable here.

Remember if you choose to include middle names on your envelopes there may be an extra charge from your calligrapher as the extra word does take more time to write.

For formal invitations, abbreviations should not be used for Street, Drive, Avenue, Apartment, or for cities and states. Abbreviations can be appropriate for informal invitations. Street numbers under 10 should be written out.

Numbered street names should only be spelled out if they are under ten. If it is your preference to spell out numbered street names over ten there is most likely going to be an added charge so do inquire about this with your calligrapher.

Children and guest escorts should not be mentioned on outer envelope, unless you are using single envelopes only. If you know who your guest will be bringing, include their name in your address. Children over the age of 18, still living at home, should each receive their own invitation. Adults not romantically involved, living in the same household, should each receive their own invitation.

It is not appropriate to address envelopes as "Mr and Mrs John and Jane Adams." If you feel the need to include both man and woman's names, address as Jane and John Adams. To receive an entire list addressed this way does take a considerable amount of extra time to write and may often increase the fee for your calligraphy.

Remember when ordering from any calligrapher, read their guidelines carefully and ask questions if needed. My own personal policy is to write everything as you provide it to me to prevent miscommunication. Therefore, if you abbreviate, your envelopes will be abbreviated and so forth....even state names, so spell it all out!
There are so many different ways to address your envelopes so if you ever have any questions, feel free to inquire!


Get Creative with your Table Names

Inspired by yesterday's post, here are a couple cute ideas for table numbers and names. The top photo is of more table names in my Splendid Flourish script, and they are on textured tent cards. Each card is the name of a city the bride and groom had visted together. The lower photo are circular cards with the table numbers written out, all in lower case Rosen script. Hand written table cards really add a touch of elegance to each table that computerized cards just do not, so get creative with it!


Maui Maps for Itinerary Covers

Another cute idea for destination weddings is to provide your guests with itineraries of fun activities to do while they are in town for your wedding. I've just finished a map and cover art for an itinerary for another wedding in beautiful Maui.

The map includes the wedding venue which is The Four Seasons, the cocktail reception location at the Marriott across the street from The Four Seasons, and the day-after BBQ at a state beach. It also shows Whalers Village in Ka'anapali, a nice beach for snorkeling and surfing on the north end of the Island, the airport, and the road to Hana where the Seven Sacred Pools are located.

The map is to be printed light blue card stock in chocolate brown ink on the inside cover of the itinerary. The cover as shown will be on the front. Several pages of detailed activities will be printed and inserted with twine on the inside of the cover. All the calligraphy was completed in Bickham Script.

Beautiful Escort Cards

Here is a great idea for displaying your tiny escort envelopes for the seating at your reception. The bride here folded long strips of cardstock and propped each envelope on one of the folds, perfectly arranging each name so the guests could easily find their seats. The calligraphy was done in Rosen Script, and we did very simple table names in Italian words to convey the romance of the occasion.
The envelopes and calligraphy are always available on the Laura Hooper Calligraphy website, or inquire about ordering details.


LHCalligraphy in Etsy Handmade Weddings: Almost there...Crucial Last Minute Details!

Sadly the Handmade Wedding Series on Etsy is over, but Laura Hooper Calligraphy made one of the very last articles on last minute details. Our Bickham Swash Caps calligraphy for envelope addressing was featured, as were our Bickham Script placecards.
These escort envelopes were done for Xochitl of Always a Bridesmaid in NYC and have been a big hit on etsy! They are so classy and appropriate for all types of weddings.
Even though the Handmade Wedding Series is over, you can still check out etsy for hundreds of fantastic buys from terrific vendors. It is a great resource for invitations, favors, and all things wedding related.

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