How great is this idea for a custom monogram stamp? Once your map is designed we can take one of your favorite icons off and convert it into a stamp that can be used anywhere during the wedding. This one shown here will likely be used on the couple's thank you notes. This is a great way to cost effectively carry one key theme throughout your entire wedding and it is certain to impress your guests!

Seeing Stars

These stars are a great alternative to tented placecards. Shown here ink black copperplate script on antique gold paper, they are perfect for a wedding reception taking place under a starry night. They look wonderful in gold, but are available in a variety of colors. They can be hung from a tree or you can stand them in brass placecard holders for an elegant touch. To order these placecard stars or inquire about alternate colors, please contact me directly.


Tote Bags!

Here is the cutest map idea yet! Turn your custom map into an adorable tote bag for your wedding party or your out of town guests! These canvas totes are available in white and natural white, and can be full color, or one color only. Eco-friendly totes are also available in a variety of fun colors such as lime green so stay tuned for a mock up of the green tote I am working on for a client's Miami Beach wedding. If you are interested in turning your map into souvenir tote bags, please email me for a quote!


A Letterpress Reception -- A Sneak Peek

Thank you so much Rebecca Stone of lovely {duet} weddings for being so kind to send me these photo previews of a wedding I worked on last month, courtesy of Yitzhak Dalal

Photography. We designed a variety of reception items for Hofite and Chris, including placecards, table numbers, menus, and a very detailed program set from our Capri Suite of the new Lucky Orchid Letterpress line. Hofite and I stayed up many a night to make sure that each element was executed precisely according to her vision and I have to say, the result was lovely! Once we came up with the design it was sent off to be letterpressed and letterpressed it was. They are simply stunning! For more on our new letterpress line please visit our website.


Laura Hooper Calligraphy is in Inside Weddings this Month!

Thank you so much Angela Mcleod, my friend and fellow calligrapher from Seattle for recognizing my "D" and calling me up to tell me I was in Inside Weddings! I had no idea. I also didn't know I make my D's in such a distinct manner, but according to Angela, I do. Anyway, I was pleased to see my client Grace Choi's wedding in Inside Weddings and even more pleased to see two photos of my calligraphy as well.
These placecards were written on placecards in Bickham Script in brown ink. The entire lavish event was coordinated by the bride's sister, Joyce Choi. Each place setting had a menu with the guest's name at the top that coordinated with the invitation and the placecards.


Wedding Cake Save the Date

Here's a great way to advise your guests to mark your wedding date on their calendar. These Save the Dates are written by hand and then reproduced using offset printing. The colorful cake was hand-painted by me and is on each of these adorable cards. The border and text can be printed in yellow, pink or even green to match the cake.


Orchid Map Front and Back

This has to be one of my favorite maps. It's part of a much larger invitation set I am working on for Ashley K. We are printing the maps on Aquamarine shimmer paper in a sandy brown. I adore orchids (in case you didn't know) so of course I love how they have been incorporated into the border.
What I think is important about this map is that the back side of it has detailed driving directions. While the maps are intended to be artistic renderings and cute keepsakes for your guests of the wedding location and surrounding areas, providing detailed instructions on the back can fill in any gaps! Fingers crossed that all the pieces come back from the printers this week as I am dying to see them!


Envelope Layouts: Staggered versus Centered

I have so many people ask me about this I just had to write a post about it. "Dear Laura, what is the difference between centering and staggering? All your envelopes look like they are centered, can I see an example of staggered layouts, please?" Sure you can! Here it is. The top envelope is centered (with an optional dropped zip code) the bottom envelope is staggered. As you can see, each line is slightly more indented than the line above it. It has a cute effect, especially when the zip code is dropped down. So, why does centering cost more then? It's simple, because it takes longer to write your envelopes if I have to think about where to start writing each line so they will come out centered. So, either way, your envelopes will look great! Both styles above are Bickham Swash Caps.


Calligraphy in Color

Who says your wedding envelopes have to be in basic black? While black does go with everything, here's a perfect example of copperplate script in a gorgeous turquoise color. I stock over 25 different colors, and I have gotten quite adept at mixing custom shades. If you are interested in having your invites done in a specific color to match your wedding palette, do not hesitate to ask!


A Wedding in Maine, Anyone?

How could I resist posting this map for a wedding in Islesboro Maine? It's a destination wedding for my lovely client Gina and her fiance Christopher, taking place on this small island off the coast of mainland Maine. Its a land of lobsters and fishermen, and the map displays it all. The gals will be getting beautified at the Cutting Edge Salon while the men sail around Penobscot Bay on the Schooner Olan, depicted in Camden Harbor. Since the wedding takes place over 4th of July weekend, how could the map be complete without a display of fireworks? This couture designer map is the perfect addition to an invitation set or a welcome basket!


Script of the Day: Parisian

Parisian is one of my favorite scripts, and unfortunately it is often overlooked, which is why I am calling attention to it today! It's a mixture of fun and formal, scripty and stylish. This adorable script style can brighten up your invitations and add the perfect touch of "je ne sais quoi."


Fabulous New Resource: Minted!

If you are looking for a one stop shop of all the top wedding invitation designers, look no further! Minted.com launched its new website this past month and it is spectacular. They really went all out and they include the invitations from top studios such as Wiley Valentine, CECI New York, Dauphine Press and Mia Carta. What's more, they include a full range of calligraphy styles that you can add to your order, so you don't have to worry about a thing. For a limited time they are offering 50% off premium calligraphy styles with a purchase over $800. If you look closely you might recognize the calligraphy under the premium and celebrity tiers, as I was selected as one of the calligraphers to do work for their clients! Minted.com was launched at the National Stationery Show in NYC this past May and is already meeting with rave reviews!


Compass Placecards Now on Sale

In honor of summer and my favorite month, June, I am announcing a sale on my compass place cards. These little brass compasses are great, they are a unique way of guiding guests to their seats, and plus they double as a favor for your beach or nautical-themed wedding. Normally $10, I am marking them 20% off for the entire month of June. So if your wedding is later this summer you should order them now. They come with a black face and a gold face, and the paper I use for the little circles is a soft white color. The price includes any script in my range of styles and is available in most colors. For details, feel free to contact me directly at laura@lhcalligraphy.com.

Putting a Personalized Touch on Your Event

A hand lettered monogram is the perfect way to put your "stamp" on your event. This monogram here was created in collaboration with Lucky Paperie out in Atlanta for a lovely couple in Los Angeles. It is simple yet memorable and can be used throughout the wedding on various items. Here it is on their invitation cards, but it can also be put on menus, programs, and even cocktail napkins. All of this can be arranged for you here at Laura Hooper Calligraphy, from the design down to personalizing all your items.

Here is the invitation which was done in the Ella Script. The monogram matches perfectly to the hot pink and brown themed invitation set!


Website is Back Up and Running!

Hi everyone! The website is BACK UP and running! Thank goodness, I was almost about to go through email withdrawls. If you by chance emailed me at all between 12 noon Saturday and 11pm Sunday, please resend your emails, as they never reached my inbox due to a fire at my webhost's company. Thank you all and HAPPY MONDAY!

Brightly Colored Malibu Map

This brightly colored map of Malibu lends the perfect modern, personal touch to your welcome baskets or invitations. With the land areas in a muted beige and the ocean in a very bright turquoise, it calls attention to the key points of interest in Malibu, including the venue, various beaches, and the Santa Monica Pier {which was recently enhanced with a new solar-powered ferry wheel}. The starfish corner designs are a perfect final touch to this adorable map. {Lettering in the "Ella Style"}.


A Note About the Website

Some of you might have noticed that my website is currently down. Unfortunately there is a problem with the server and my web host is working to fix the problem as soon as possible. I am currently completely unable to access my new emails, so if you need to contact me regarding an outstanding order, placing an order, or anything else please call me at 818-259-7605 and I will be happy to assist you via phone.

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