Vintage-Inspired Palm Placecards

These placecards from our Antigua Suite of Lucky Orchid invitations make a great statement at any reception. Hand-lettered in copperplate script, they suggest a subtle but classic theme for your event. Stay tuned for the matching programs!


Personalized Wedding Menus

Assign seats to your guests in style with these personalized wedding menus. Each menu features a guest's name written by hand at the top of each. Folded into a napkin this is the perfect addition to your reception decor.We offer over 20 design motifs for menus and calligraphy is included. Available in any style off our website. Matching backer paper is included also.


Your Map: Picking the Perfect Icons

If you are like many of my clients and you are in the market for a map, you might feel some anxiety or confusion about what points of interest to put on your map. One of my couples in particular even went so far as to send me a breakdown of their conversation about their map. It was so hysterical, it brightened my day and I have to share it, if only so that I can provide guidance about the maps and maybe elicit a chuckle or two from my readers:

Blair: “We need to think of fun things we like to do together to put on the map for save the dates. What are our interests?”
Ryan: “We have lots of interests!”
B: “Like??”
{Insert solid minute of awkward contemplative silence}
R: “We like to ride bikes.”
B: “Ryan, we’ve never ridden bicycles together before. I haven’t been on a bike in at least 5 years.”
R: “Um… Well… We like to go to London together… and we like hiking…”
B: “We’ve only done both of those once. And I don’t really know how to put Phoenix next to London on a map.”
R: “Skiing and snowboarding?”
B: “Again, not so fitting on a map of the desert.”

"There was also a long diatribe about how the hobby “going out” basically translated to “we like to drink”, and how it probably wasn’t very classy to highlight “Hi! We’re Blair and Ryan! We’re getting married and we like to booze it up!” on a wedding-related event. Probably not fitting for a blog, but thought you’d appreciate nonetheless. "

This conversation went on for a good 5 minutes back and forth .... But commissioning a map for your wedding {or other occasion} is a great way to create a cherished piece of art, and it can be expensive, so it is good to talk about what to put down on your map and think about what is meaningful to you.

In Blair and Ryan's case, they are very into a map however they aren't really having a destination "wedding weekend," so they were very unsure about what icons to put down other than the church where both the ceremony and reception were taking place. Just because your event is not taking place over a period of several days doesn't mean their aren't other icons you should denote.

For example, where are your favorite places to eat? Many of your guests will probably come from out of town and in that case even if you aren't having specific events they will be in town for several days and need to know where to eat, other than their hotel room service.

Main hotels, especially those you've booked block rates at should all definitely be put on the map.

Where is the rehearsal dinner? If you aren't inviting everyone to the rehearsal, perhaps don't label it rehearsal dinner but put the location name and icon on the map anyway.

Where is your honeymoon, or your hometown, and where did you go to college? It's fun to mark these with a small icon and arrow pointing in that direction.

What are the main tourist attractions? Especially for those not taking part in your big day, they need to know where to go to have fun. Do you have a favorite beach, shopping area, or park?

Other than the wedding, what things are important to you, individually and as a couple? Two of my couples have been very much into tandem biking so we put a little bicycle a deux on the map for them. One of my couples met in law school and for the compass we put a little scale of justice.

Where do your most treasured memories take place? Put down where your first date was, your first kiss, and where your FH proposed.

All of these make a map special. If you have ideas about icons be sure to put them down when you order, but that in itself can be confusing. If so, we can help figure it out for you. Hopefully, this will help you make your keepsake map more special, and even more cherished!


Back to Maps

I was MIA yesterday due to lots of hustle and bustle in the studio but I am back today and still talking about the maps. Other than Save the Dates, one of the most obvious uses for the maps is as an invitation insert. Shown here is the Venice invitation suite from the Lucky Orchid Line and I've created a coordinating map to go with the antique gold motif on the invitation. The map itself is a one color letterpress, but the letterpress look adds a subtle elegance so that it does not require a lot of color.


Photographers Week on Kelly Oshiro

{Photos by Katie Moos}

If you are like me and like looking at wedding eye candy all day then be sure to stop by Kelly Oshiro's blog where she is having Photographer's Week. First up is Mary Jane Photography, and will also include work by Katie Moos, Elizabeth Messina, and Tim Halberg. All have been published in very notable wedding magazines and are quite talented and accomplished photographers. Be sure to check it out if you are in the market for photography.



Here's a very cute map idea that incorporates weekend information to make an itinerary for guests. It's great to include with your invitation or in the welcome basket. This one incorporates my icons and Ella style with a computer text font for a stylish look. It's small, and folds to about 4.5x5 inches.

Here's the monogram from the front of the itinerary.


One Week is Not Enough Maps!

We hope you've enjoyed the save the date maps on display this week. Since there are still many more maps we've done recently, next week will cover other uses for maps, such as itineraries, driving directions, hotel accommodations, programs and invitation enclosures.


Jamaica Save the Date Wedding Map

Another of our more intricate save the date wedding maps is the Bifold. This folded card is designed either horizontally or vertically depending on your location. It offers 4 panels for writing. This one of Jamaica includes the cover page, the map, the formal save the date, and hotel and travel information on the reverse. It is held together in the envelope by a double-faced satin ribbon in a pleasant mango color. It also incorporates a fun pineapple envelope liner.


Cape Cod Tri Fold Save the Date

The Grand Poobah of our save the date line is the Tri Fold. With six panels available, you can include information regarding every aspect of your wedding weekend. I usually like to incorporate a cover, map, and formal save the date on the front, but on this save the date in particular we've got information provided on the reverse side as well. It includes an itinerary, accommodations, and travel and information as well.

In addition, the outer envelope is custom printed with a return address and matching lighthouse/lobster liner to tie in with the fantastic details of a wedding on the Cape.


Santa Barbara Save the Dates

Continuing on our theme this week of Save the Dates is this beautiful letterpress map, printed double-sided and with a matching accommodations card. Done in the Paris design of our Lucky Orchid Invitation Line, the color was specifically mixed to match the pool colored envelopes.

Since the Save the Date is double sided, it was printed on extra thick paper for a deep imprint. Though this design includes an envelope, this paper would actually work swimmingly for a postcard because the paper thickness would hold up well in the mail.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Save the Date Wedding Map

This unique map is a one-sided Save the Date, complete with a matching outer envelope and a custom designed envelope liner. It incorporates details of the wedding weekend, including fireworks from a pirate ship out in the bay, golf, and the boardwalk.


Save the Dates -- Wedding Maps Week!

This summer has been a very busy few months for our cute custom maps. I've been so inspired by the maps that I have created a new save the date line that incorporates these maps. Available exclusively through the Laura Hooper Calligraphy website, we will take your icon ideas and transform them into a couture save the date, designed specifically for you and your fiance. We have dozens of examples online to show you just how fantastic these map save the dates are. Also, we have created several layout options, so these save the dates will appeal to brides with different stationery budgets.

Stay tuned this week for numerous examples of Save the Dates, and other ideas for your wedding maps.


Our Etsy Shop

Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce that our etsy shop has been reworked this weekend with better pictures and more easy to use listings. As always, there are a full range of products for sale on etsy, as well as for order on the Laura Hooper Calligraphy website. I hope you will come visit soon!
I've also added a variety of reception items for sale on etsy, for ease of ordering. We offer a very quick turnaround on all reception items, including hand-written placecards, menus, and table numbers.


Wedding Salon

I'm quite excited to announce that Laura Hooper Calligraphy is going to be a proud contributor to the Wedding Salon this September 22 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

The Wedding Salon is a luxury showcase of must-have products and services for the discerning bride and groom. The finest companies are participating, including Milkfed Press, Inside Weddings Magazine, Mindy Weiss, Shutters on the Beach and many many more. If you are interested in tickets, I have several sets to give away. Please send a comment to this post, be sure to include your email address or I will not be able to contact you back to put you on the list. I can give 2 tickets to each of the first 5 commenters. **You must be a bride to qualify**

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