In-N-Out Burger Heads to Texas!

We've previously talked about how fun it can be to bring a midnight snack to your wedding guests (see March blog post), and one recommendation is the beloved burger from In-N-Out. Living in California we see them everywhere including tailgating parties, weddings, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs - if there's a group gathering, In-N-Out could be there. We miss these amazing burgers, though, when we leave the western states of California, Nevada, Utah or Arizona.

Well, Texas residents and brides rejoice! In-N-Out is coming to Dallas! According to The Huffington Post, the company will be building a new meat processing facility right there in the Lone Star State to ensure the continued quality of making their own burger patties. This has been a reason for not expanding beyond the range of the current facility.

You can check out more of the details on SideDish, a food-related discussion among editors at D Magazine about the Dallas-Fort Worth dining scene.

No opening date has been set, but hopefully it'll be soon! Click here for more information on the cookout trailer serving at your event.

Insider Tip: They keep their menu easy offering burger, cheeseburger and double double (two meat, two cheese). But don't be fooled! Be sure you try the "secret menu" including grilled cheese, burgers served animal style (with grilled onions, mustard cooked patty, pickles, extra sauce) or protein style (wrapped in lettuce) and fries served animal style (sauce, cheese, onions)!


Fun Program Idea - Fans!

These cute fan programs are perfect for any outdoor wedding {especially in warm weather in which they might actually serve a purpose!} and work well as something different at an indoor wedding too.

These fans have a powder blue design on cream fan with brown calligraphy in our Bickam Swash Caps script.

This wedding took place last July at the Pleasantdale Chateau in New Jersey and the fans were a hit!


Real Wedding by Creative Montage

Thank you to the team at Creative Montage for sharing these lovely images by Something in Blue photography! A beautiful bride and fresh green bridesmaid dresses made for a gorgeous day...along with the adorable stationery by Creative Montage!

We were able to do the calligraphy for the escort cards at this lovely fete.

Visit Creative Montage's blog, Creative Odds N' Ends for endless tips and inspiration for your own big day!


Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

This is the week that I started putting together all the details I've thought up and found. I love the finer details of events. When helping set up parties, Stephen often asks me things such as, “Why don’t we just throw the drinks in an ice chest?” Gasp, I could never do that! There’s a reason my friends call me Martha Stewart. The drinks were selected based on the look of the bottles and must be displayed in a beverage bucket. Seriously.

I started working out the details in my head the instant I got engaged. I knew how time-consuming the process could be, so as soon as I thought of an idea, I called my mom and put her to work. I can think things up in my head, but she is far more creative and resourceful when it comes to creating them. The first thing I put my mom to work on was finding pink depression glass candle holders. Using her "resourcefullness," she immediately passed the job on to my step-father, who happens to be a pro at Ebay shopping. Who knew? He has done a wonderful job finding the most beautiful candleholders. I am so excited!

But it doesn't end with candle holders. That is just the beginning of my detail-oriented madness! There are the shoes, the jewelry, the linens, the hair and on and on. One of my more recent projects has been to create something ruffle-like that will go from chair to chair down the isle, without looking like yards of fabric pulled from one end to the other. I say "my" project, though it's my mother who is sitting in front of a sewing machine trying to read my mind and create samples. What would I do without her?

And then there are the invitations. I have no worries when it comes to those, as Laura is in charge and her creativity far outweighs mine. I am so excited to get together with Laura to talk about invitations. I am sure they will be fabulous, as her work defines "the finer details."

I have to admit, this is the part of wedding planning I love. It feels like I'm putting together (with the help of SO many) the most special party of my life, my wedding.

With Love,



Cute Kauai Map

Congratulations to one of our wonderful couples getting married tomorrow...on the beautiful island of Kauai!

This charming map showcases the mountainous topography of the island as well as the beautiful sights and shorelines that Hawaiian islands are famous for. Notice the hula dancer at the Grand Hyatt hotel!

Calligraphy script is Parisian.


What Comprises an Invitation Suite?

We often talk about "invitation suites." Many brides, though, are new to the world of stationery, so we thought it might be beneficial to explain what exactly makes an invitation "suite."

The first piece is of course the invitation itself, which includes of course the date, location and time of the wedding ceremony amongst other things. Visit our post on Invitation Etiquette for more details on what should go on your invitations!

The invitation suite also includes the outer envelope, RSVP card and RSVP envelope. If you are offering menu options to your guests be sure to include this selection on the RSVP card and of course the RSVP date!

These four pieces, invitation, outer envelope, RSVP card and RSVP envelope, make up the basic invitation suite. Today it is also common to include additional pieces such as a map and directions card and accommodations card for all of your travelling guests. You can also swap in an RSVP postcard to save paper and postage ~ going green is always in style!

Once you decide how many pieces you will have in your invitation "suite," you will then need to decide how many "sets" you need to order. When you create your invitation list, be sure that you count how many sets you will need to mail, not how many people that is ~ remember, a couple only receives one invitation. And always add more than you think you need for those last minute additions!


Map Alteration

We love creating custom maps for every couple, but for brides on a stricter budget, we can sometimes offer map conversion. If we have already created a map for your city, we might be able to change it up to suit your wedding needs.

This save the date was created for a 2009 wedding in Osterville, Massachusetts. 

We revamped the map for a recent client.

The new map even includes the "Just Married" couple with the French flag! Calligraphy is Cezanne.

Map alteration isn't for every couple, especially if you want a fully custom look. The guidelines for converting an already existing map are:

  • 5 minor changes or less

  • Calligraphy style must remain the same

  • Roads cannot be added to the existing map

  • We can add in icons specific to you, however, they must be an icon that already appears on another map on my website (ie, cannot be custom icons)

  • 2 proofs are included
Contact us for more details if you think map conversion is for you!


Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

I spent more time perusing websites for floral ideas than I’d like to admit. Each time I thought I found the most beautiful arrangements, a new wedding would be posted with arrangement ideas even more beautiful than the previous. At some point I had to narrow down the selections and get to a florist. I narrowed my choices down to two completely different looks and made an appointment with Debbie of Flowers Etc. I had full faith in her work, as I have been to weddings and showers in the past that she was the florist for.

{example of look}
I arrived for my appointment with pictures of two different floral looks, along with a colorboard I created of the overall look of my wedding. Debbie looked over the two different ideas and immediately turned one down. She simply said, “You don’t want to do this.” Now that was easy! She asked me quite a few questions to get an idea of what type of flowers I liked, as well as finding out my everyday style and the details of my wedding dress. No stone went unturned when it came to learning what I loved. With her inquisitive talent, she was able to discover and incorporate my favorite textile, feathers. I couldn’t have fathomed feathers working in my wedding and now I can’t imagine the wedding without them. I am thrilled! We also discussed options for vases and décor. I would like to use milkglass, but am flexible and will consider other looks. Debbie invited me to go along with her to see all the different options for vases and textiles and I was thrilled. I am definitely a girl that loves to shop!

Task number four complete: Flowers and feathers will decorate the venue on my big day, courtesy of Flowers, Etc.

With Love,

P.S. I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” the other night and can honestly say I am SO thankful the dress in the window of that boutique I drove by in Pasadena was the first and last I tried on. Wow, dress shopping can be a LOT of work!


Shell Invitations

These burgundy shell invitations are perfect for a coastal wedding or any other summer party.

{photo by MiBelle}

Baby script in antique gold writing.
Pair these with our sand dollar placecards for a perfect combination!


Salem, Massachusetts

This adorable map of Salem, Massachusetts makes me want to head to the East coast for a clam bake!

It includes the major Massachusetts identifiers like lobsters, lighthouses and sailing ships, and it even pays tribute to the Boston Redsox!


Spotlight on Kelly Oshiro | Design

Congratulations to Kelly Oshiro of Kelly Oshiro | Design who recently revamped her brand with a new name and new look!

Kelly Oshiro | Design is a boutique wedding and event planning company that specializes in private, estate and ranch locations. Kelly herself is both a planner and designer and all of her creations are done by hand to reflect the couple she is working with.

Based in Santa Barbara, Kelly Oshiro | Design travels all over Southern California ~ and wouldn't this just be perfect for any sunny California wedding?

Visit Kelly Oshiro | Design's new website or blog for more details, helpful tips and tons of eye candy!

Photos by Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie.


Rehearsal Dinner Compasses

One of our brides recently used our compasses for her Turks & Caicos destination wedding. She was so creative and had the table numbers tied onto each compass - and they turned out so adorably!

It was a lovely outdoor affair and the compasses fit perfectly with the destination theme.

The beautiful beach front wedding followed the next day!

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

The time had come to pick out sweet treats and I can guarantee you there was no holding back.

The baker was one of the few vendors I did not have prior experience with, as I decided to go with a bakery local to the venue. I have no idea why I chose to go this route, but I have a sneaking suspicion it may have to do with having a place to escape on my wedding day, should the mothers and maids and vendors send me over the edge (just kidding mom!)

I set up an appointment with Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop, based solely on the pictures on their website. I brought my girlfriend along, as Stephen simply likes white cake with white frosting. There’s no need to waste peanut butter cheesecake pops on him, right? We walked in to the shop and I couldn’t help but notice the décor was the exact look of my wedding. It was perfect and I hadn’t even tried the cake yet! We met the entire staff (a fabulously family-owned shop) and they began to bring out treats. We started with cupcakes… then cheesecakes…then cookies…then cheesecake pops...MILK PLEASE!!!



After tasting everything the bakery ever created (or at least it seemed), we began discussing with the assistant what treats would complement each other best on a dessert bar. We even came up with a few items not available at the bakery that the Pastry Chef was more than happy to make for the big day. Our assistant then asked if I had a calligrapher that would be making signs for all the treats. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d need to identify the desserts, but of course I have one. I can’t wait to discuss the signing options with Laura, who happens to be quite creative with all things wedding! A contract was written up and signed and we were off…to the closest pillow for a nap.

Task number three complete: Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop will be baking many sweet treats for our reception and I can’t wait!

With Love,


Real Wedding: Palos Verdes, CA

The beautiful wedding took place on a rare rainy Southern California! Despite the rain, it was a beautiful day with a soft, sophisticated look.

The printed materials we done in grey ink on hydrangea blue paper featuring our Carpenter script. We created escort cards, table signs, menus and a special "thank you" sign for the couple!

The tables were truly stunning!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

See more details and gorgeous pictures on Beth Helmstetter's blog or Style Me Pretty! Photography by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography.


Nautical Starfish Invitations

These starfish invitations are perfect for any coastal soiree! We letterpressed in aqua ink on textured white paper.

To complete the look we used aqua shimmer envelopes with blue ink.

Calligraphy is Rosen. Photography by MiBelle.


Dual City Map

This map showcases both Littleton, Colorado (ceremony) and Ischia, Italy (celebration to follow). We love the concept of the two locations and the airplanes in the heart are a special touch pulling everything together!

The snowy mountain tops of the Rockies are a stark contrast to the sunny island in Italy ~ it's sure to be a fun celebration in both locations!


Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

I can't remember exactly why I went to Pasadena last Sunday, but in the grand scheme of things, it ended up being completely unimportant. It became all about the Dress!

For quite a few years now, I have had a picture of "The Perfect Wedding Dress." I would have it made and it would be absolutely gorgeous! I did not take into consideration that it was a runway dress, thought up by one of the world's top designers who has unlimited staff and hours to create such a piece. I sent the picture off to a couple seamstresses and received the exact same feedback from all of them. The dress would end up costing me the same amount as a Kia (not that I want a Kia, but you get the picture.) I came up with a new solution; I'll have my girlfriend make it. Never mind the fact that she has never sewn a dress in her life and she'd have about four months to get it done; it'll be great!

So I was driving down Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, when I passed a Bridal Boutique with a dress in the window that had the exact silhouette of the dress my dear friend would be sewing for me. I went in to find out if I could try it on, just to get an idea of the look and also investigate how exactly it was sewn together. The woman at the counter was so accommodating, especially since I didn't have an appointment! She helped me into the dress and we walked over to the podium. As soon as I stepped onto the podium and looked up at the mirror I fell in love. It was beautiful and far more than I ever anticipated I would want from a dress. It had lace, satin-covered buttons, a fitted bodice, layers and layers of organza (not to be mistaken with tulle, which I was schooled on by my florist...another story for another day.) I decided that this would be the back-up dress, should my girlfriend have too much trouble recreating my "Dream Dress."

Within five minutes of leaving the Bridal Boutique, it was decided that the dress I tried on would be the dress I would wear for my wedding. In those five minutes, I had called my girlfriend and we discussed how much I was asking of her and it didn't seem reasonable, especially since I had found a dress just as beautiful. She was off the hook and I had a dress picked out.

Task number two complete: My dress has been ordered from La Soie Bridal and will arrive for alterations one month prior to our wedding...just in the nick of time!

{sneak peek of the dress!}

With Love,

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