Introducing...A World Map!

We are so pleased to share our very first World map! A lovely couple asked us to create a map of the whole world, indicating both places they have been, and also places they have yet to travel.

We were happy to create many new icons to mark the well-known monuments such as the pyramids in Egypt, the mountains of Machu Picchu, Peru, and of course the columns in Greece!

Once the icons were all placed on the map, this client went back in to have us create table numbers and inserts for their escort envelopes to go along with the map. Each table was named after a destination on the map for very exciting seating. {And, once the guests found their seats, each was greeted by one of our signature brass compass placecards, keeping right with their travel theme!}

{Our client, located in Texas, also ordered these adorable compass placecards, in addition to escort cards/inserts, map totes for the out-of-towners, a gift card box, four different cake/cupckae signs, and several huge signs to match so we'll be sure to post the pics as soon as we get them!}

Whether you prefer our traditional custom maps, an emotional map, or a world map, there is something for everyone and nothing we won't try!


Real Wedding: Adamson House, Malibu, CA

We recently worked on a wedding taking place at the Adamson House in Malibu, CA. We always love this venue and this wedding was especially gorgeous. Elegantly low-key, this fete had a "backyard wedding" feel that was successfully pulled together by the ever-so-talented Beth Helmstetter.

We were fortunate to be a part of this special occasion, calligraphing the escort cards, table numbers and various small signs around the reception.

Calligraphy is Cezanne. Photography by Jose Villa.
For more information and photos on this wedding, visit Beth's blog.


Jamaica Maps

We've shown you before how maps can be used for various announcements. Here are three examples of our Jamaica maps used for a welcome piece, a save-the-date and even a 10 year anniversary celebration!

You'll notice that each map is fashioned in a slightly different style - most notably the different calligraphy fonts and of course different location icons. But of course there are the similarities, such as Dunn Falls/Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril and of course the tropical icons and sea life!


Sanibel Island Map

Here is an adorable of map of Sanibel and Captiva islands down in the Gulf of Mexico that was used as a wedding announcement. The happy couple was married on Sanibel Island, then held a reception the following month back in the states. All of our maps are personal, but this bride clued us in to many of the meanings!

The map points to Cayo Costa, an island just north of Captiva, because the bride and groom frequent that specific island for sea shelling trips! We were even able to include a yellow flip flop from a shelling trip. The bride had this to say, "One person's flipflop kept coming off in the incoming tide while we were hiking back to the boat, and we all had to keep diving for it so it didnt get washed away with one of the tides!"

It's personal touches like this that map each map truly unique!

Forgot to include an icon that you can't live without? This bride loved our kissing humpback whales from another map so we printed it on round stickers used to seal the envelopes!


Real Wedding: Malibu, CA

We had the honor of handling the reception pieces for this beautiful Malibu, CA wedding taking place at Rancho Sol del Pacifico. The wedding was coordinated by Beth Helmstetter and featured the lovely bride and groom with their guests from all around the world!
The rich blue of the placecards and menus accented the table settings wonderfully!

All aspects of the event were infused with the Bride's Turkish roots - and the couple's personality truly shone throughout the entire ceremony and reception.

You can visit Beth's blog for more information and photos from the gorgeous day! Photography by Chenin Boutwell


Dana Point, CA Map

Here is an adorably whimsical save-the-date map that we recently did of the Dana Point, CA area.

The bride and groom wanted a fun, romatic scene chalk full of their favorite locations such as Turks, Wind N Sea Restaurant, Hobbies Surf Shop and more! They even included the Old Drive-In movie theater and Market Beach Market - aka "Baby Sandwich Store" - how sweet!

The couple will wed at the Forster Mansion, and you can see from the map that they drive off on their "just married" motorcycle. This is a personalized momento that all of their guests (and of course the couple, too) are sure to treasure!


Tips on Placing Calligraphy Orders

We are continuously striving to streamline our calligraphy business and the process to get our art back into your hands. To work towards this, we will be providing tips to all our of our readers on how to properly submit your calligraphy orders and why it's important to do so.

Submitting complete and accurate lists: every day we can have up to 3-4 jobs scheduled for completion. It is essential for us that your lists are complete and accurate so that once we finish your order, we can move on to the next order. It can be difficult to do this when we continue to receive changes or additions to your list. Please also remember that we receive, read and calligraph thousands and thousands of names and addresses and individual submissions leave more room for confusion and error. Please don't feel afraid to send them -- however, it's best to keep them to a minimum if all possible! If excessive changes are submitted prior to the start of your order you may be asked to completely update and resend your list.

{Calligraphy in Splendid Flourish}

We always keep several sets of extra materials after the order is completed to accommodate for your corrections and additions. Please review your order within 48 hours of receiving it back to ensure that there are no corrections to be made. If you do have changes, please email a complete list of corrections including the full names and addresses of the guest(s) to us within 48 hours of receiving the order, specifying which errors were on account of the calligrapher. Later additions or corrections on account of client error will be billed directly to the client at the time the corrections are submitted.

While we of course will always do our best to accommodate these changes and additions, we would like for all clients to know that the turnaround time to get to receive these additions after the orders are completed can be up to 4-7 business days.


Same City, Different (Personal!) Map

Often times we get a map request for a city we've never done (first ever Idaho map in the works!). But with major cities, and sometimes islands, we often do a map for the same city two or three or more times. Here is an example of two Washington, D.C. maps.

You can see that the majors sites are there (White House, Potomac River, DuPont Circle), but the city comes to life with different focal points for the two different couples. The top map shows more details West of Dupont Circle, while the bottom map emphasizes streets East and Northwest of the circle.

Both of course have special, personal meaning to the couple and include their own ceremony and reception locations as well as personal "hot spots" to visit.

Check back for more examples of how your maps with be personally tailored and unlike any other map of the same city!


Real Wedding: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We were more than delighted when Beth at Beth Helmstetter Events asked us to be involved in her clients' Tamarindo, Costa Rica wedding! Take a look at the beautiful pictures from Julie at Comfort Studios.

After a gorgeous ceremony on the beach, the happy couple and their guests moved to the Cala Luna Hotel where they were greeted with the multi-colored fans and our casually chic signs with phrases such as "Bienvenidos" and "Stay Cool."

The simple yet classy table included matching place cards and menus at each setting.

At the end of the evening, the couple bid their guests farewell and "Gracias" for sharing in the occasion - and we were happy to share in it as well!

Calligraphy Style is Ella in white on chocolate brown paper. See Beth Helmstetter's blog for more information and pictures from this wedding!

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