Adventures of a Bride-to-Be

Since it was my birthday week and I am officially another year older, I decided this week would be a break from wedding planning - in fact I did none, and I am not one bit mad about it.

Last year on my birthday I made a list of things I want to do before turning 27. The year has come and gone and I am proud to say I have done 2 of the 3 on my list. The one not accomplished was running a half marathon, so I prolonged my half marathon goal to another year. But since that did not get accomplished this year, I decided to torture myself and sign up for a 5k race...the Sunday of my birthday weekend. It was for a great cause, the Susan G Komen Race For The Cure Foundation.

My birthday weekend started on Thursday with dinner with the future in-laws at a Persian restuarant, Friday out to dinner and drinks with some great friends, and Saturday Wes and I planned a night at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. We got there early, checked in and went to lay by the pool and relax. Wes then surprised me with some fabulous shoes that I had seen in the lobby shop. Then we were off for a Farmers Feast at Quiessence which is the most romantic place to eat in Phoenix. It is located on a farm and everything is hand grown and picked. After a 6-course tasting menu, we were done and in bed by 11pm. We are old I know!!!!

On Sunday morning it was time for the race. Wes had decided not to do the run, and there were a few moments on Saturday after the pitcher of margaritas by the pool that I thought I was going to back out also. But for somehow I woke up perky as can be on Sunday and made it down to the race just in time. To my surprise I made it and did not die, nor did I stop to walk!

After I finished the race, Wes and I decided to have breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast, and after 45 minutes of waiting (since being on the Food Network, the wait has gotten so much longer), we were on our way to possibly the best breakfast ever...

The weekend always takes too long to come and always go by too quickly. I am looking forward to next weekend with the girls in Dallas.

Always with love,

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