Not Your Generic Bottled Water

We just love these adorable custom labels by Bottle Your Brand! You can transfer the overall theme of your wedding day to your own, personalized bottled water - even incorporating our calligraphy or monograms. The labels are printed on synthetic material that is completely waterproof, self-adhesive, and won’t tear or smudge, and Bottle Your Brand can offer quick and easy service, with a 5-day turnaround for water bottles. You can also order the labels alone to use as you wish, and the digital printing is always picture perfect!

This is a wonderful idea to compliment your maps in welcome baskets for weekend extravaganza's or to provide in your guest hotel rooms!

Thank you to Erika at Bottle Your Brand for introducing these fun and fresh labels to us.


Melissa said...

Oooooooh my gosh, these are adorable! Good to know you can put calligraphy on them too. I'm not engaged yet (fingers crossed!) but when I do get engaged I'll know who to go to!

I love these for an out of town bag, along with one of your maps. Great suggestion!

Erika said...

Cool idea, it would really cool to have the ability to put your custom monogram on the bottles of wine at the reception. If you coordinated the colors, that could really be a beautiful pop of color!

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