Mapping International Waters

We love it when new opportunities present themselves, and with technology today, the possibilities of who we can reach are endless. In addition to creating maps for "destination" weddings such as one I did for a Stateside bride getting married on Isla Mujueres in Mexico, I also have the honor and joy of working with international brides all over the world
{or the Western Hemisphere thus far}!

One of my English brides was married in Oxford, and I created this authentic map for her. With an appreciation for the gorgeous architecture, we decided to accurately depict the various buildings and monuments - the result was quite nice! On the reverse of the map was an itinerary with further wedding details for the guests.

{Destination wedding map for and English couple getting married in Tuscany}

Over the past couple of years, I have also worked with a bride in Spain, one in Venezuela, another from England {photo above} and one from Italy. I am so pleased that thanks to reliable shipping, and of course the internet, we are able to collaborate across international waters, and I look forward to reaching out even further in the future!

{Map of Italy for a nice Italian couple last year}

{Map of Lake Louise, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies for a couple in Canada}


Pili said...

Those are lovely!

Good to know you are open to working with international customers!

Katelin said...

this is so adorable. i love it. such a cute idea!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

gosh i love these :)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i LOVE it when people have the custom maps made for their invites - it's the cutest idea!

four.ten.ten said...

Your maps are fabulous--I've seen you all over wedding magazines and even got some samples at a recent event in DC. You are so talented!!!

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