Nickelsons Invitations

Thank you so much Joanna at Nickelson's Invitations down in lovely Orange County for sending up some photos of our work. I'd just like to show this perfect example of how extraordinary calligraphy can look when it is incorporated with the invitation. I offer calligraphy in a variety of styles (over 25) and an abundance of colors. Shown here is my personal favorite, Bickham Swash Caps. It matches perfectly to Joanna's invitation of light green and turquoise, and it's not even a custom color! I love this color combination. It is perfect for spring and summer. I love it! For more of Nickelson's Invitations visit Joanna's blog. Here work is gorgeous and she has some great invitation ideas and accessories.


Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said...

simply gorgeous! i'm normally not a huge pocketfold fan, but the belly band adds flair and that INK COLOR IS FANTASTIC!

Kati said...

Your work is stunning! I have tried many times to get the hang of calligraphy and have failed miserably. It is truly an art and your work is a great example of that!

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