Another Cute Cake Sign

Today I was not in an envelope mood. I was more in a painting type of mood. As you can see by these two most recent posts, I spent the day working on things with paint. First the map, now this adorable cake sign for lovely Jill Rose in Brooklyn, New York. It's perfect because she sent a picture of her cake and I did this nice little rendering for her. Its about 8" in diameter on ivory scalloped paper and has pink ink in the ever-popular elegance script. The cake is mounted on the ivory so it actually stands out a bit from the rest. I painted it with a mixture of watercolor and gouache. These little guys are completely custom, so if you want one they can be purchased on my etsy page and painted or drawn however you prefer. And, I just found out today that I'll be doing Jill's calligraphy for her envelope addressing too, in the matching elegance script! I can't wait...

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the wedding chicks said...

love love your work! super fancy and super fabulous

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