Coming Soon: New LH Calligraphy Website

I am really excited to announce (so excited actually I just can't wait) the arrival of my new website. It hasn't happened yet, but it will soon. Above is just a snippet of what the wonderful new site is going to look like. To see more, visit my secret site. It's still under construction: Only the splash, and homepages are complete, however the Invitations page is well underway. Take a look, I just cannot wait until the whole site is finished! The website is being designed by David Wallace Design and when its done it will display the full range of calligraphy products I offer.


Becky said...

Congrats, it looks gorgeous!!! Let me know when it goes live!

Maria said...

Love the new site layout Laura - it looks so nice and well organized. I can't wait to see when it launches.

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