Real Wedding by Jose Villa

We love Fridays and thought it would be a sweet treat to kickoff the wedding with this Jose Villa stunner. It was such a pleasant surprise when our client popped over these swoon-worthy photos of her wedding and mentioned that famed photog Jose Villa had captured it all.

In addition to the invitation envelopes (not pictured), we worked on the wedding reception for this beautiful Los Angeles wedding and it is so wonderful to see our pieces tied in with the gorgeous wedding design.

We took care of the petal bag tags, "Post a Love Note" sign for the "guestbook", table numbers, menus and tags for all of the dessert buffet yummies!

Congratulations to the bride and groom!


mtthill said...

Do you know where those bridesmaid dresses are from - I love them!!

MM said...

Thank you Laura! You are amazing!

The Bridesmaid dresses are Vera Wang...We got them right before she stopped making bridesmaid dresses.

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