Zazzle Stamps - On Sale Now

We've recently shown you many of our custom stamps available and Zazzle, and we are happy to report that Zazzle is now having a sale of 25% off Zazzle Stamps!

Use promo code WELUVINVITES at checkout to secure your deal on these custom stamps perfect for weddings, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, baby announcements - anything! You can purchase your stamps for various postage amounts as well as three different sizes to suit your various envelopes.

Custom stamps can truly tie together an entire suite - just like this one we did for my sister's engagement party back in January (yes, we've shown you these, but I still love them!).

Visit our Zazzle store to find these love bird stamps and others...and don't forget to use code WELUVINVITES for 25% off!

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