Placecard Display

A few weeks ago we shared a post on simple versus elaborate placecards. Here is a wedding that included simple placecards, in a creative display. The flowers were lush, and the green moss perfectly welcomed the swirled card holders.

For an outdoor wedding, it's often necessary to secure the cards in some manner ~ and these sticks were the perfect solution!

{Photography by Todd Rafalovich}

{Black ink, Massy script}


Stephanie said...

Simple placecards are great, combined with a festive display. It cuts down on the hassle of finding your seat, while maintaining an interesting creative palate. It also allows for conversation and interaction with other guests whom you might not know. Best of all, though, that vignette is usually the first thing you see when you enter the event, and it looks elegant and inviting!

Excellent tip (and photos!). Thanks,

Kimberly Costa said...

Lovely work! I really like the organic feel these give off all together while still giving a sense of organization.

ashley said...

So Cute!! Where did you get the wire card holders! I would love to make my own escort cards and this would be great

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