Introducing a New Series on the Blog

Many of my followers know that my sister, Alyssa, got engaged last month. Being her only sister I was pretty sure I'd get to be the Maid of Honor even though I hadn't been asked yet. However a couple weeks went by and I started to wonder... But then one morning last week I received a
FedEx package from Flour Pot Cookies!

I was so excited to open it and find this little note! Anyway, the planning is already in full swing and I thought that it might be fun to detail my perspective of the wedding plans on the blog. So, be sure to check back for my adventures as a maid of honor....because of course, my answer to the question on the note was "Yes!"

(And be sure to check out Flour Pot Cookies for more clever gift giving ideas -- so cute!)


shannon said...

awww!! how cute is this! how sweet of your sister too.. I love these stories, keep them coming! :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

nice addition. will be fun to hear the stories!

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