Emotional Map - with lots of travel!

This emotional map does a wonderful job of sharing the couple's journey together and to each other - twice! The bride was born in Russia, but they met in 7th grade in Los Angeles. After a time as high school sweethearts, and sharing teenage milestones such as prom, each went to different colleges.

But love leaps all boundaries and they reunited just a couple years later for their second "first date"! They traveled through flood & fire to be together, and then traveled the world visiting Italy, Spain, France, Russia & Croatia. The couple happily ventured back to Italy for their pre-wedding honeymoon before tying the knot just two weeks ago!

Congratulations Juliya & Ariel!

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Wedding Planning said...

You don't hear of couples traveling that much before getting married that often. Congratulations to Ariel and Juliya.

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