Camden Calligraphy

How adorable the envelopes look when they are all completed and ready to go! Here is a set of ivory envelopes that I calligraphed last month in an antique black ink in Camden style script. Camden is a chic, yet affordable {its in our Tier 1} style -- I am often told by brides they love it because it has a flirty flair to it. Camden is often a favorite for Rehearsal Dinners and Save the Dates, as it is a little less formal but still very beautiful.

Speaking of Save the Dates, here's the set those cute envelopes belong to, the adorable citrus design is by Marit Hanson. Be sure to check out her etsy shop as well!

{Photos courtesy of the client}

Finally, when each calligraphy, invitation or map order is complete, they are all wrapped up and shipped out to the clients using primarily recycled materials!


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I love the way you present your products to your clients. They all look so stylish! :)

* said...

I'm a beginner calligrapher (just 2years) Your work is truly amazing! Thanks.

The Indecisive Bride to be! said...

I just received my package yesterday and the wrapping and card was such a sweet touch! Laura is AMAZING!

Lovely Blogger said...

Those blue STDs are beautiful!

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