Beaver Creek Maps

My second map of Beaver Creek {you'll have to wait to see the first because I am still waiting for photos here myself} was commissioned for Kiwi Cards down in the OC. I love how it is mounted on the black card stock and printed in only two tones to match the theme of the entire invitation set.

{Photos courtesy of Kiwi Cards}

And here is the set below, perfect tucked away into its own little pocketfolder! I love how Krystyn pulled this entire set together. What a lovely use for the maps.


A Savvy Event said...

Whoops! So sorry they are on their way over! Lots of PICS!!!


Laura said...

@A Savvy Event: Well Kel~ You had better send over those pics if you want me to feature YOUR Beaver Creek Wedding on here!!! ;P

cheap wedding invitations said...

i would say that what you do is a piece of art.I stumbled upon your blog by accident but it has been forty minutes already and I can't get back to what I am paid to do :). What's more I have always though of buying one of those calligraphy sets sold at Borders and start learning this form of art, but tonight I will definitely stop by and grab one

Dana said...

love. love. love these invites.

Once A Bride said...

I absolutely love these!!!

Lizzy said...

What a clever design and a cute invite idea. The map is a really nice touch!

As a bride-to-be ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from www.idonowidont.com I've been totally stressed out trying to decide on a cute design for invites.

I think we may also have a map on ours now because it's really unique!

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