Capri, Italy Map

This adorable map of Capri in Italy is perfect for a destination wedding on the ultra charming island.

This map works for any time of year in this island setting, but with the palm trees and ice cream cone, it's a perfect summer delight!

I especially love the lemons in the corners to "frame" the map, and with the shuttle information included right on the map, you'll be helping your guests out with this special momento from your big day!

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Diana said...

Hi Laura,

Just thought I would share with you the many compliments the locals from Capri have passed on to me regarding the adorable map we used for this wedding! I have passed your name on to many in Capri. I will surely love to use you again for my weddings in Capri! All the best -
Diana Sorensen/
Sugokuii Events Capri

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