Map Alteration

We love creating custom maps for every couple, but for brides on a stricter budget, we can sometimes offer map conversion. If we have already created a map for your city, we might be able to change it up to suit your wedding needs.

This save the date was created for a 2009 wedding in Osterville, Massachusetts. 

We revamped the map for a recent client.

The new map even includes the "Just Married" couple with the French flag! Calligraphy is Cezanne.

Map alteration isn't for every couple, especially if you want a fully custom look. The guidelines for converting an already existing map are:

  • 5 minor changes or less

  • Calligraphy style must remain the same

  • Roads cannot be added to the existing map

  • We can add in icons specific to you, however, they must be an icon that already appears on another map on my website (ie, cannot be custom icons)

  • 2 proofs are included
Contact us for more details if you think map conversion is for you!

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