New Year, New Location!

I'm so excited to announce that as of last week, I've permanently moved my meeting space to the Event Studio in Burbank! The studio is such a fantastic place to meet clients and I could not be happier. It's currently owned and run by Beth Helmstetter and Mary Sushinski of Occasions and is located on Magnolia Street.

The studio is a place where wedding vendors (such as myself) who work out of their homes, can meet with clients in a professional setting. We've successfully managed to meet clients in our home studio for the past several years, but since we've been remodeling, it's been a complete disaster. I've loved the space so much and am there so often that Beth and Mary graciously invited me to move in!

The studio is open by appointment only -- and, if you're a vendor interested in meeting clients here, please contact Beth for details.


Stephanie J Designs said...

Congrats, Girlie!! How exciting! A fresh new start for the new year. I'm sure your clients will loooove it!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love your calligraphy on the big huge sign! :)


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