Seating Charts

One of the most important (and often debated) aspects of any event is the seating! And while we can't help you decide which aunt will sit best with your crazy coworker, we can help you showcase your seating chart in an elegant and chic display. Here is a gorgeously matted and framed rehearsal dinner seating chart used recently at a client's wedding. In addition to their asthetic quality, these charts can be especially useful when there are many tables in a room and just knowing your table number isn't quite enough. Seating charts can also serve as an alternative to escort cards.

Charts can come in any shape, size and color that best suits your special day! Here are a couple other examples including an adorable baseball themed seating chart for a rehearsal dinner!


Caroline said...


Juliet said...

Laura, so cute!!!!

Adam said...

Those are some lovely seating charts!

Yes, working out who is going to sit where can be hard work. Here are some tips on arranging your wedding seating chart that might be helpful.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

THESE are so great. love them.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

we love those little signs you made for that wedding. they are great.

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