Hot Color: Lavender

You've been seeing it all around -- the Pantone projection book as declared Lavender {along with other shades of purple} as a hot color for 2009. I just saw an inspiration board on the Bridal Bar Blog that inspired me to post about a wedding I did the calligraphy on last year.

All the stationery for this wedding was designed by Joanna at Nickelson's Invitations, one of my favorite designers, based in the UK and LA.

The invitation and all the accessories are from Nickelson's Veronica Suite.

The bride had the calligraphy on the envelopes done in Bickham Swash Caps, and then to match on belly bands that adorned the custom menus and the placecards that showed guests to their seats.

The wedding was designed by Details Details in OC, in shades of purple. It took place in Santa Barbara. Photos courtesy of Ira Lippke, via Inside Weddings.

The wedding can be seen in the Winter 2008 issue of Inside Weddings, on newstands now!


Joanna said...

Thanks SO much, Laura! It was inspiring to work with you. Your calligraphy really worked beautifully with my design!

Dynamite Weddings said...

Awesome job Laura and Joanna! Everything about the paper products from this wedding were amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)

perfect bound said...

Purple became one of our signature colors totally by accident. I just kept coming back to it again and again. It's such a rich, beautiful and totally captivating color.

Austin Weddings said...

I have to honestly tell you that at first I thought the purple tones wouldn't make it this year but the more and more I see it used, the more I love it!

Wedding Guru said...

Beautiful shades of purple.

Globetrottingbride said...

Great post. Lavender is so underrated!

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