Photographers Week on Kelly Oshiro

{Photos by Katie Moos}

If you are like me and like looking at wedding eye candy all day then be sure to stop by Kelly Oshiro's blog where she is having Photographer's Week. First up is Mary Jane Photography, and will also include work by Katie Moos, Elizabeth Messina, and Tim Halberg. All have been published in very notable wedding magazines and are quite talented and accomplished photographers. Be sure to check it out if you are in the market for photography.


Kelly Oshiro said...

Thanks for the post Laura!!!

Tim Halberg said...

thanks for posting a link!

I'm always excited to share with brides so they can make better informed decisions when planning their wedding.

Tim Halberg said...

oops... looks like there's an extra http:// in front of the link to our site.

Our site is:

You guys have a great blog here!

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