Calligraphy for Photo Mattes

Why not take your favorite photograph and spruce it up with an elegant touch of calligraphy? As seen here in Bickham Script, the bride and groom's monogram with their favorite bible verse at the bottom. What a classy way to enhance your fondest memories of your wedding. Mattes can be personalized with anything you like, your names, the date and location. They can even be filled up with your wedding vows or a favorite poem or lyrics to your first dance. Calligraphy on mattes starts at $25 but send me an email if you are interested in a custom quote.


A Savvy Event said...

What a COOL IDEA!!!

Love the Calligraphy you sent over!!


Sugar Plum said...

Great idea Laura! I would have never thought of it myself, but it looks so chic! Becky

tina said...

What a great idea! I am definitely looking for SOMETHING calligraphy after receiving your samples from etsy. Your work is so gorgeous! What a wonderful skill to have. I am jealous!

Sara @ Bella Notte said...

Gorgeous! What a perfect wedding gift (to yourself, even)!

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